A life full of tomorrows is a life never lived.

My alarm went off this morning. I turned it off and was about to go back to sleep, pushing today’s workout to tomorrow when a random question popped into my mind,

“Why Tomorrow?”

This got me out of bed and got me thinking about this topic. . .

“Why tomorrow?” A great question to ask yourself each time you say “I will do that tomorrow.”

What is making you push whatever IT is to tomorrow? Is it fear, insecurity, laziness? There are few good reasons to push something off to tomorrow.

How many people say that, only for tomorrow to never come?

How long can you stretch out a “tomorrow?” A day? A week? A few years?

A life full of tomorrows is a life never lived.

Living in “tomorrow” means you aren’t living in the present. Your pushing life off, hoping someday you become present. This builds the habit of pushing even more off, until that is your default setting.

Turn tomorrow into today. Turning tomorrow into today means having that tough conversation today. Starting that workout program today. Getting out of bed at the time you wanted to. Being courageous today. Being a good person today.

Dreams aren’t crushed by failure. Dreams are crushed by “tomorrow”.



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