Talking to a client, let’s call him Charlie, I asked him how he was. 


He said, “I’m doing great! Just got into the office a little while ago. I took Monday off to go to spend the day with my son and then took a half day Tuesday.” 


Oh yeah, and his business is on track to add extra $1,000,000 to revenue this year, essentially doubling his business while profit %  has also doubled. 


What would it look like if you were able to take one day off a week while your business was still doubling? 


What would you do with that time?


This was a different picture from a year ago, when he hadn’t taken a day off in 5 years and was burnt out. 


What’s the secret to his success? 


How did he go from burnt out to doubling his business, stress free? 




Systems and people. 


My client got serious about systemizing his business, and together we methodically implemented processes and organization structures into his business that allowed him to focus on higher leverage projects without worrying about the quality of work diminishing.


There are less client delivery fires to put out and the client satisfaction has never been better. In fact, his clients are raving about how amazing his team is. 


We focused on bringing on the right people and giving those right people the systems to win and grow, without being micromanaged. 


Customer billing & depositing new payments used to take him hours every week. We created a process for this, trained it to one of his teammates, and had her own those processes. 


 Because it is being implemented by someone other than the owner, who can give it her full attention, now the process is even better. She even optimized the process by cutting out a bunch of unnecessary inefficiencies.


3 hours a week freed up and earned back for Charlie




Yes, permanently. 

The process is in place and is being executed on and improved by the team member who now owns it.


With these processes and systems in place, his company was able to thrive without him having to be involved in every step of the process. 

Being burnt out, stressed out, and struggling to grow as a business owner is optional. 


It doesn’t have to be that way. 


You have a choice. 


If you commit to implementing systems and creating a culture around processes, you can grow your business while focusing on the work you love to do. 


Your team will be better equipped to succeed. Teams that are set up for success become more committed. More committed teams produce far better results and make business a more enjoyable game for everyone involved: your team, your clients, and you.


Your business will start to grow and become more profitable as less things fall through the cracks. 


And you will thrive as an owner and a human. 


Life will be a lot more fun if you implement systems, just like this owner experienced. 


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