It’s 5pm and you have no more time left to waste. 


You’ve procrastinated all day, but it’s time to face the music. 


You have to sit down and do that task you hate. 


The task that takes you an hour a week to do but feels like an eternity. 


How many tasks or projects do you work on each week that you can’t stand? 


How many hours a week do those tasks equate to? 5? 10? 15?


Most people spend at least 15 hours of their week working on tasks they don’t enjoy or even flat out hate. It doesn’t sound like much, but if you do the math, that is 780 hours a year. 


Or 32.5 days. 


Literally 1 month out of your year is spent doing tasks you hate! 


A full 1/12th of your life is spent doing tasks you don’t enjoy. 


There is a solution. Systems. 

The key to getting your time back is creating systems and then delegating these tasks. 


Now, it can be hard to think of a task that takes 15 hours a week that you can delegate (unless you’re Kevin who delegated a 15 hour a week task forever – more info at the article here).


But can you delegate a task that takes an hour? 2 hours? 


If you systemize a task that takes just one hour a week you are in essence freeing up 2 whole days a year. 


You can then start to stack on top of that win and use that time to free up even more time.


Now we have momentum!

That’s the compound effect of systems.


Before you know it, you’ll have 15 more hours a week to do whatever you want, whether that is working “On” your business as opposed to “in” it, going to the beach, or watching Stranger Things. 


It’s your new time, do whatever you want with it! You earned it! 


So if you want true freedom, learn systems, learn to delegate.


It will literally save you months. 

*If you want help systemizing and delegating, book a free strategy call here where we’ll dive into your #1 most hated task, and create a plan for getting it off your plate for good*