Do you utilize your proven process? (Hint: Every business has one)

Whether you know it or not, your business has a process that is proven to give your customer the results they want. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be in business. Your customer comes to you for something, you deliver it. You do it again for another customer. and another one. Whether you think it or not, you deliver a repeatable product or service (yes, even creative agencies).

You have a process.

But if you don’t name it, you are missing out on a crucial marketing tool.

If you don’t have a proven process, your sales team winds up selling the business through countless words and visuals in the form of pages and charts. If you are just selling your business, you wind up looking exactly like all of your competition. Just another ____ company in a sea of thousands.

But selling a proven process is different.

People feel comfortable buying “proven processes.” After all it’s proven. Your prospects will be more at ease and have peace of mind knowing they are going through a process that works.
Your sales team stands out among the competition. Most companies don’t illustrate how they work.
It actually creates better expectations between you and your customer. Now they know what to expect the whole way through.
Creating a proven process differentiates yourself from all of your competitors and makes you much more memorable. And the best part is it is very easy to come up with one. You don’t need to hire a marketing professional or consultant.

How to create a great proven process

Step 1: Gather your team and draw on a whiteboard the steps in your proven process. There may be some debate here, the important part is you leave this meeting all in agreeance of the major steps in the process. Usually there is 3–8 steps.

For example:

In my company, Elevate Advisors, the major steps are as follows:

Clarity Call
Rhythm Day
Advising Sessions + Systems Creation
Vision Day
Step 2: Once you have your major steps, write a small description under each of them. These should be 2–3 bullet points. Keep it simple.

Step 3: Name your proven process. It could literally be as simple as “The *Insert company name* Way” or “The *Insert Company Name* Process.”

Step 4: Now you have your steps and your name. It’s time to pass it off to a graphic designer to create a great 1 page visual using your company branding. This should be extremely affordable as you have all of the content and branding for them.

Step 5: Implement your new proven process into your sales presentations and website.

This simple tool can dramatically increase your sales rate and raise the perceived value of your company. It will also make you more organized and get your team onto the same page.

Here’s to systemizing your business, one process at a time!



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