Many people think they need to “get it right” before they get started on something.


That is completely false.


That is what we call analysis paralysis (usually brought on by fear of failure).


I have seen so many people who are thinking about starting a business or have a business and thinking about a decision waste precious time trying to get the ENTIRE plan down.


“Well if this happens I’ll have to figure out how to do this. But if this happens I’ll need this.”


They then research, read, and watch youtube videos about all the facets of their decision. They feel like they are being productive because they are “learning.”


They may be busy, but they aren’t productive. Learning without implementation is not being productive. And this is coming from the guy whose strength finder is learner.


I also see the person who “plays business” as I call it. They get their LLC, buy business cards, and spend hours thinking about the URL name. After 6 months they have a pretty business card and no sales, no leads, and no business.


Now, I am not saying don’t think or learn at all and just be reckless. There is a time for strategy and planning (something I do a lot with clients), but in the beginning of the business or a big decision there comes a point where you just have to execute. You have to stop playing business and start DOING business.


If you want to start a business, write a book, or enter a new marketing channel you should brainstorm and plan for a few hours, come up with a step 1 (not step 1 – 10) and execute that step!


It’s that simple. Plan, execute, learn from the action, iterate, execute again.

Like Richard Branson says, “If you’re going to make a mistake at least try to make it quickly”


When I started my consulting company, Elevate Advisors, I had a strategy session with my advisor where we created a hypothesis for what the product offering would be.


Did I go out and spend 6 months buying business cards, building a website, and forming an LLC?




I went out into the market immediately and talked to customers and tried making sales with that product offering.


I learned that people weren’t into one part but they were very excited about a part of the offering I didn’t even think was special.


So after that step 1, I came back to the drawing board and refined the product offering, changed the proposed name of the company, and went back out in the market!


During step 1, I even managed to make a few sales. Because of this, I now had revenue coming in before my product was even fully fleshed.


So if you are thinking about starting a business, making a decision, or going after that dream you have been thinking about . . .


DO NOT get caught up in analysis paralysis.


Instead . . .


Brainstorm a step 1


Execute on that step 1


Reflect, iterate, and execute again.


It’s that simple.


What’s your step 1?



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