I’ve trained and coached hundreds of leaders who want to empower their team to perform better, stay focused, and ultimately achieve their objectives.

My company’s process for teaching entrepreneurs how to become great leaders (and scale their company) covers three areas, vision, rhythm, and system. Simon Sinek talks about starting with Why. Jocko Willink talks about extreme leadership. While these are valid (I’m a big fan of Simon Sinek and Jocko Willink), they aren’t enough on their own to create a great leader.

There’s something missing here.

Something I learned when I was starting my first company that changed the way I lead. Something I had to re-learn when I hit a wall with my second company. Something I advise all of my clients to embody and implement immediately.

The secret sauce to leadership is this:

Be a person that your team actually wants to follow

There’s a reason why great leaders inspire action, and it doesn’t come from authority, or title, or even experience. It comes from being a person your team wants to follow.

Every time I have led a team in my life and didn’t get buy in or didn’t get the results I wanted, it was because I wasn’t being a person they wanted to follow. I wasn’t being a person deserving of them following.

Benjamin Zander brings up this point eloquently in his Ted Talk when he asks,

“Who am I being that my team’s eyes are not shining?”

If your team is underperforming or not listening to you, look yourself in the mirror and ask, “Who am I being, that my team’s eyes are not shining?”

Instead of focusing on the next flavor of the month leadership/ management tactic, focus on developing yourself into the person your team wants to follow. Focus on growth, living your values, and being a better person.

Once you do that, everything else will follow, and so will your team.



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